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COMM 176 Southwestern College Thailand Explorers Club Report



The ability to communicate and interact with different cultures is extremely important in this day and age due to the internet, the cultural make-up of America, and our close proximity to another country. This assignment asks you to explore a country and culture that you are interested in and that is different and unique from your own. You will need to brainstorm, conduct research, organize a journal of your excursions, and then present your project in front of your classmates.

This is a fun assignment that will let you pair your understanding of Intercultural Communication & Tourism with your creativity to present a unique journal/portfolio of your expedition in a new country.

I recommend being judicious with your time. You will have several weeks to prepare for this project so make sure you are proactive and delegate time wisely. Below you will find the requirements for this project.


The following are requirements for the written report component of this assignment

1. After reading Chapter 10 Intercultural Communication in Tourism Contexts, pick a country you are interested in visiting. This cannot be a country you have previously visited. In addition, we are not picking Mexico and Canada to visit. For this reason, you may want to consider 2-3 countries, in case your first option is already chosen by a classmate.

2. Book your travel to this country.

A. Select the time of year you will travel to this location (month & year)

B. Pick at least 3 cities to explore in the country

C. Select at least 3 cultural activities to participate in these cities. (ex: museums, landmarks, festivals, shows, historical sites, etc.)

D. Select at least 3 souvenirs you may purchase.

3. Explain why you chose this country, these cities, and these cultural activities.

A. What are at least 3 important events in the history of this region/country from the past 50 years?

B. What are at least 3 individuals of importance from this region/country from the past 50 years?

C. How is your trip socially responsible tourism (Chapter 10)? Be specific and imaginative.

4. Keep a tally/accounting of all your expenses including, but not limited to, lodgings, food, transportations, excursions, activities, etc. Your budget for this project must not exceed $3,500.

5. What communication challenges did you experience in your host country during your travels? How did you approach/handle these challenges?

6. Finally, explain how your travel constitutes Socially Responsible Tourism?

Your report may take many forms. Make sure the formatting is consistent throughout, you use a clearly legible font (Times New Roman, Arial, etc.), and it is saved as a MS Word document or PDF file. You may want to use the Report Template to organize your thoughts and ideas. You may also turn in this template as your report, if you like. Be sure to write in full and complete sentences.

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