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Communication Assessment Project


Choose a company and do a communication assessment project. There are three examples in attachment.

This project involves the application of Katie Paine’s assessment methodology, as described in her book Measure What Matters ( in attachment) , to the assessment of a communication vehicle or campaign.


1. Description of communication vehicle or campaign and definition of communication and business objectives, including (400-500 words):

• Brief description of the communication vehicle or campaign

• 2-3 well-defined communication objectives and rationale for selecting them

• Explanation of how the communication vehicle design, content and/or functionality support the objectives – include 1-2 screenshots

2. Audience analysis targeted by communication activity (400-500 words)

3. Description of internal and external benchmarks (400-500 words)

• Internal benchmarks (goals, trends, etc.)

• External benchmarks (competitor performance, best practices)

4. Definition of key performance indicators in KPI Matrix (300-400 words)

• Measurement tools and key data (400-500 words) — Design and deployment of one measurement tool

5. Analysis of results and recommendations for improvement, including (400-500 words):

• Discussion of how measurement results help assess specific KPIs

• Recommendations for improvement based on measurement results and best practices

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