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Does anyone on this cite know how to edit an outline for a Persuasive Speech??? I have done the paper already I just one someone to make it nicer by making sure all my sources are there and formatted correctly. So it’s not a paper that you have to write it’s just editing a paper? PLEASE ONLY BID IF YOU ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING SINCE I CAN’T WASTE MY TIME. i JUST HAD A TUTOR WHO THOUGHT CHANGING A CITATION AND ADDING ACCORDING TO WITHOUT ACTUALY CITING THE WHOLE SOURCE IS OKAY, IT’S NOT IT’S PLAIGIARISM. SO ANYONE WHO CAN EDIT???

Please make the correction on where i Have highlighted and where it needs more sources. And also the reference page there are some formatting issue with my sources that needs to be changed.Towards the end i need sources for the Star program in Antelope Valley College (Please use owl Purdue for the formatting help.) All I need is just to make the outline shorter and tighter and those changes made. It should not be more than 1-2 pages but it should have the correct citations and sources or if it’s a personal experience then it shoudl be also citred correcty.

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