COMP 102 SUNY Duality and the Characters of The Book Thief Discussion

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You have probably written these before. They begin with an attention-getter, introduce the issue, then state a formal
thesis. You must include evidence to support your thesis. Then, the following paragraphs explore the evidence,
usually in a similar format: Topic sentence, quote or paraphrase, and commentary on the evidence.
The essay concludes by saying how you’ve supported your thesis and what the reader should learn or take away
from this reading.
1. ____ 6 quotes from book to support your Thesis (do not summarize the quote for your reader, everyone should
have read the book)
Example: In the Book Thief by Markus Zusak, Death was characterized as reflective, often tired, and often loving.
Few movies or television shows do the same; rather Death is portrayed as horrific, painful, violent, and often Death
is male. Due to the fact many of us fear death, I believe the entertainment industry preys upon our fears. Yet, I can’t
help but ask why? Humanizing death in the Book Thief, telling a story through the eyes of death, portrayed a deeper,
important message to the reader and also gives a subtle message about gender
2. ____ proper MLA (in text and parenthetical citations), including Works Cited page
3. ____ 3 – 4 pages, Times, 12 font, double spaced, page numbers, proper heading
4. ____ thesis, body paragraphs, conclusion
a. ____ introduction has a hook and a clear thesis
b. ____ body paragraphs contain quotes from book, properly cited, only one block quote
(3 or more lines)
c. ____ how does your conclusion answer the question: Why/how is the Book Thief
relevant to today? Draw a concrete parallel to something occurring in our world,
United States, your community, your state, your campus, and elaborate on how it
all connects.

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COMP 102 SUNY Duality and the Characters of The Book Thief Discussion

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