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Comparing the Republic of Gilead to American Slavery


Final paper requirements:


1) Your paper should be a minimum of six full pages
2) You are not allowed not use 1st POV (“I” statements) and should not rely on personal anecdotes for examples or evidence.
3) You must reference the novel( Handmaids Tale) in the form of at least three direct quotes
4) You must reference one other source from the syllabus. Sources listed down below:

“Puritan Laws and Character” by Henry William Elson (Links to an external site.)

“Hypocrisy of the Puritan Society” by Jessica Eastwood (Links to an external site.)
“Puritanism and Its Impact on American Values” by Ning Kang (Links to an external site.)
“Faith Healing,” by Philip Larkin (Links to an external site.)
Opposition to the Women’s Rights Movement by Anonymous (Links to an external site.)
Testimony before the Senate hearings on Equal Rights Amendment by Gloria Steinem (Links to an external site.)
Verses written by a young lady, on women born to be cotroll’d by anonymous (Links to an external site.)

“The waves of feminism, and why people keep fighting over them, explained” by Constance Grad

5) You must use at least one outside source in the form of at least one direct quote

6) Your last page (page 7) should be a Works Cited page in accordance to MLA guidelines


1) Consider the ways the Republic of Gilead oppresses its citizens; what practices of brainwashing, conditioning, &/or dehumanizing do they use in order to control others? Compare the processes/practices the Republic of Gilead uses to one real life example.

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