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Complete 3 page Essay for English Course MLA Format


Please follow the isntructions thoroughly


Documentary, Medieval Lives
Dante, selections, The Divine Comedy 387-511.
Read Cantos I-V, XI, XIII, XX, XXVI, XXXIV.
Chaucer, selections from The Canterbury Tales,
Do “Dante and Eliot”

1. For these papers, you pick a major point or position about the readings that you can discuss and critically analyze in 3-4 pages. You get to pick your topics from the readings and cultural discussions; however, if you choose the cultural discussions, you have to tie them into the readings of the class. Your topic can be on one work or an overall theme that you see in multiple works such as manhood or motherhood. I’m looking for your interpretation of the material backed up with MLA citation.
a. You get to pick the topic, but it must be based on a current course reading. For example, for the first paper, you can write on the readings up until the first paper is due. If the reading isn’t current, at least one grade will be deducted.
b. What I’m looking for is analysis, not summary. I’ve read the works, so you don’t have to tell me what happened. Please look at the Sample Paper under content. Here’s the difference:
Summary—Gilgamesh was a cruel ruler that abused all his subjects.
Analysis—Gilgamesh showed his cruelty by raping the young men and women under his rule. His actions reflect a tyrannical and autocratic mindset that threatened to destroy his country. (You don’t have to use all the 50 cent words)
2. Papers should be typed with 1-inch margins all-around in 12 point font and double-spaced. Palatino and Times New Roman are acceptable. Also, be sure to indent your paragraphs. Also, papers should be in the essay format, which includes an introduction with a thesis statement, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Use this heading and put it on the left hand side of the paper.
Name Class
Dr. Mallory
Lastly, don’t forget to set up page number in the top right hand corner.
3. You can discuss your personal life as it pertains to the literature. I don’t want a paper just on your major or your career. That’s for a composition class. What does Cyber Crimes have to do with Gilgamesh or The Odyssey? NOTHING!!!!
4. The papers must be written and cited in the current MLA Writing Style format. If the in-paper citing or works cited is missing, the highest grade you can get is a D. If both are missing, the highest grade will be an F. If you’re not familiar with MLA, please go to the D2L content browser or this website: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/557/01/
learning curve for MLA. I’m not looking for perfection—just improvement and effort. I do take off for mistakes, depending on the type and number; however, it’s better to get a lower grade for citing errors than to get a D or F for not citing at all.
5. Do not use any type of literature summary website as sources for any course work. They include but are not limited to:
Endnotes Sparknotes Cliffnotes Wikipedia
If you do, two grades will automatically be docked for that work. If you use these sites and try to hide that fact, you will receive a 0 for that assignment.
6. With regards to sources, you can have outside sources. However, the one minimum source that should be cited is the reading that you’re discussing.
Paper Deductions
Besides basic the basic MLA ones giving in #6 above, these are the other major ones. However, may not be a total list of deductions for each issue:
1. Not giving any analysis, just summary—at least a grade and a half.
2. Not meeting the page minimum—1 grade
3. Your in-paper and works cited sources don’t match with each other—1 grade
4. Any issues with paragraph indentation, paragraph structure (1 page paragraphs etc.), and basic essay structure (intro, thesis, body, conclusion)—1 grade each at least. Your paper must have a specific topic and focus.
5. Not citing in the MLA format (using APA or another writing style)–2 grades
6. Just giving web addresses as your works cited citations and/or minimum citations- 1 grade minimum
7. Just citing the quotes or the summarized/paraphrased sources (not both)– 1 grade each
8. Overall sloppy appearance of paper. This includes grammar, mechanical, and structural issues that detract prominently from your overall paper—2
grades minimum (I want to see your best work!!!! PROOFREAD!!!!)
Keep in mind, that you can get an F even before I read your paper!!! I know this is a lot to take in, but I’m here to help you do your best in this class.

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