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Complete DQ below – My Nursing Assignment


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Read about the BSHA program and concentration and certificate options on the phoenix.edu website.link: is in the attachment belowuse the link above to answer the question below: (200 words minimum each question)1. Please conduct research for this program and review the certificate options materials that are available on the program website and tell me your thoughts on any concentrations you are considering and why? How will you use the information in the option?2. Read and answer question below 200 words minimum A BSHA in Health Administration leads to many different avenues in health care management, finance, administration, human resources, and general health care delivery systems. Certain certifications like BSHA with Long Term Care Certification leads to careers in business management, ethics, and human resources management. The only requirement for the program is 120 credits and possibly some additional courses if you wish to obtain certs. It is important for each student to realistically explore what type of a career in healthcare they are looking for so that you can begin to plan now on what you need to do. All of these careers require this bachelor’s degree. By understanding which opportunities this degree program offers, you can dial into what specifically you want and fill in the gaps as far as work experience or entry level experience in order to get the career you want.What additional certifications are available in healthcare outside of those offered by UOP? How might some of these help you?3. Respond back to post below (ex. i agree……) 200 words minimum Bachelor of Science in Health Administration is the area I’m interested in, the University of Phoenix website discussed you can learned the knowledge and skills like, communication, finance, regulation, technologies and ethics. Is an industry as diverse as health care needs people who understand the different facets of a health care business environment. The Bachelor of Science in Health Administration Program is designed to integrate a framework of general education courses with health care curriculum that prepares the graduate with the foundational needed to enter today’s challenging health industry. Another great point discussed in the website, the BSHA curriculum addresses the basic body of knowledge, understanding, and skills identified as relevant to an ever expanding and diverse health care arena. As a student the outcome I am looking for is, to be able to analyze a health care organization from a market-based perspective, analyze financial and economic issues in the health care industry. As mentioned in the website, empower your career with knowledge and skill that will help prepare you for facing real world challenges, and trust in courses designed around and in line with leading industry organizations. Upon completion of the core curriculum health care students have the opportunity to select an area of focus that is designed to expand professional opportunities as mentioned in the website.4. Respond back to post below (ex. i agree……) 200 words minimumAfter looking at the UOP website, I am interested in the Electronic Health Records Fundamentals Certificate. I am interested in this certificate because I would not mind being an Electronic Health Records Specialist. I use an EHR at work and I am always learning something new. Having this listed on my resume would be an asset as well. It can actually set me a side from my competition and help me land an interview. Anybody can say they are familiar with an EHR system but to have it in a certificate would be the cherry on top! I looked at the requirements for the course and it looks like I have already taken most of those classes, so this something I must think about and make a decision soon. I am glad I had the chance to review the website once again. Exactly one year ago, I started the journey with UOP and life has been better ever since. “Looking for a Similar Assignment? Order now and Get 10% Discount! Use Code “Newclient””Do you need a similar assignment done for you from scratch? We have qualified writers to help you with a guaranteed plagiarism-free A+ quality paper.

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