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Computational Reasoning 1: choosing and parsing a dataset. Python, Jupyter Notebook


INFO 1201: Computational Reasoning 1

Final Project Part 1* I work with juyptr notebook python and moodle.

can email and provide more info when we speak.

For this homework assignment, you will be choosing and parsing a dataset for your final project!

Part 1: Choosing the Dataset

You have three options for this dataset:

1. A dataset that has already been curated with information about yourself (e.g., messages from Facebook, tweets from Twitter, emails from Gmail, etc…)

2. A dataset that you can create about yourself (e.g., hours of sleep you get per night, tracking info about your run time or sport stats, grades in college, etc…)

3. A dataset that you can find online that is interesting to you!

Whichever of the three choices you choose, your dataset must be in one of two formats:

1. text file (.txt extension)

2. csv file (.csv extension)

You can turn many datasets into either a .txt or a .csv file – so don’t be discouraged if yours doesn’t come in the correct format. Part of the assignment is getting your data into a format that we can use!

Part 2: Parsing the dataset

Once you have chosen your dataset (make sure it is a .txt or a .csv file!) Part 2 of this assignment is to parse the file. You are expected to use the code that we learned in class to complete the following:

1. open your file

2. skip the header (if applicable)

3. loop through each line or row in your file

4. print out something from each line or row that is more than just the line or row itself. This can be the first letter, this can be a list of all of the items in that row, etc… As long as you are printing something that is specifically from each line in the file but not the whole line itself.

Submission Instructions:

For this homework, you will be submitting

(1) your entire jupyter notebook file – use the file I have provided here as your template!


(2) your dataset file (either a .txt or .csv file)

. The file should have the extension .ipynb. Make sure that before you submit your file, you have clicked kernal –> restart and run all cells. If all of your cells run without any error and you have completed the code for the assignment, then you are finished! Otherwise, make sure you debug your errors, I will take off points for notebooks that have errors submitted with them!


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