Conduct Quantitative Analysis

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I am a Strategic Communications student


Your boss, the CEO of Mountain Air Recreation, Inc., has invited you to her office to tell you that the Board is considering the launch of a new product offering: luxury resort skiing. This offering will complement their existing line of high-adventure outdoor recreational sport offerings, which include jungle safaris, scuba diving, wilderness hiking, and helicopter skiing. The marketing team has done a great deal of research on the target audience and believes the company will make a handsome profit on the new resort. The CEO wonders, however, if the introduction of a luxury sport activity will affect their guests’ perceptions of the company, which is known for its rugged outdoor activities. She also wonders if downhill skiing —and the accompanying requirement to manage mountain forest growth—will damage the company’s reputation as a responsible steward of the environment. She is convinced that if the company moves forward with this project, it will be vital to integrate the marketing effort with a communications campaign designed to enhance the image of the company as one that not only sells high-end adventure but cares deeply about the environment and enjoying it responsibly. 

The CEO provides you with demographic and psychographic data about the company’s guests and asks you to provide an analysis of the data to inform her recommendations to the Board about the long-term wisdom of entering the high-end ski resort market. The CEO has scheduled an offsite planning meeting to discuss the new business endeavor and has asked you to prepare worksheets in Excel to support her presentation at the upcoming meeting. 

You plan to analyze the data using standard statistical methods in Microsoft Excel and to develop statistics as well as charts and graphs to support the presentation of data. Your task is to conduct data analysis and prepare a report for your boss about your findings, which will also include an analysis of how data informs a future strategy for growth. 

Once you have reviewed the scenario, review the project overview, approximate time commitment, and competencies that you will be responsible for in this project.

Nine steps will lead you through this project. Each step should take no more than two hours to complete. Continue with Step 1: Refresh Your Math, Statistics, and Excel Skills.

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Conduct Quantitative Analysis

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