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Constructing 10 Strategic Points.


Constructing 10 Strategic Points.

Constructing 10 Strategic Points.



  1. Review the 10 Strategic Points constructed in Week 2 and the Clark and Springer (2007) study. Additionally, review the feedback provided by the instructor.
  2. Use “Constructing 10 Strategic Points” to develop 10 Strategic Points for a replication of the Clark & Springer study that you could design for an undergraduate psychology program. Be sure to use resources in the DC network>Research/Dissertation tab> Prospectus templates to review the criteria for the purpose, problem, research questions and other Strategic Points.
  3. Use the prompts and suggestions contained in the template to guide your work.
  • attachmentpsy-850.r.constructing10strategicpoints-3.docx

College of Doctoral Studies

PSY-850 Resource

 10 Strategic PointsComments or Feedback
Broad Topic AreaIncivility in psychology undergraduate education programs 
Lit ReviewInclude citations from studies on incivility in psychology education. 
Problem StatementWrite a problem for the psychology study, in the GCU required format.  
Research QuestionsNow frame questions for a like study to be conducted in undergraduate psychology programs. 
SampleDescribe the sampling strategy you could use for a like study in an undergraduate psychology program. Define and justify the sampling strategy from a research source. Justify the sample size for a qualitative study from a research source and from the GCU Core Design Document. 
Describe the Phenomenon  
Methodology and DesignDescribe the method and design you would use and justify your choice of both from a research source. 
Purpose StatementDevelop a purpose statement for a psychology undergraduate program in the required GCU format. 
Data Collection Instruments and ApproachDescribe the IHE instrument to be used in this study.Describe the data collection approach you would use, including getting informed consent and how you would protect the confidentiality of participants. 
Data Analysis ApproachDiscuss a specific data analysis strategy you would use in your replication study in an undergraduate psychology program. Cite a specific researcher’s strategy such as Hatch, Miles and Huberman, Bogden and Biklin, or Saldana. 

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