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Contemporary Organizational Behaviour.


Contemporary Organizational Behaviour.

Contemporary Organizational Behaviour.


personality assignment look at pdf before accepting. Contemporary Organizational Behaviour.

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Individual Dimensions Assignment Requirements

Course Name:Contemporary Organizational Behaviour

Directions: Read and follow the directions about the Individual Dimensions Assignment.

Due Date and Worth: as noted on eCentennial course site


This INDIVIDUAL assignment requires you to explore different individual dimensions [facets] of the composite hypothetical construct “personality. You will do this by studying and reporting on the results of various self-administered tests.

Certain tests assess a singular dimension [facet], while others, like the MBTI, DISC, and Big 5, measure multiple dimensions [facets] explored in the one test.

To interpret the result[s] properly, you will need to investigate / study / research to understand each of the dimensions measured by, or within, each test.

This means when you are explain what the test is measuring, you will need to locate and use at least one academically valid reference and citation.

You may

· use your OB text, but not for all, as a reference / citation

· for at least 4 of the tests you must have / use an academically valid reference [cited properly in-text], such as an appropriate journal article – these can be accessed via Centennial library on-line resources

· Do not use any other OB textbook as a reference

· Do not use instructor lectures, notes, or any postings

· PLEASE make sure you use proper academically valid references and CITE properly for every test / dimension you are explaining.

· PLEASE NOTE: Lecture notes, slides, or other posted materials are NOT considered academically valid references


PART 1 –COMPLETE ALL THE TESTS from the sites listed at the end of this document.

1. You are to self-administer [take] each of the tests listed.

2. Go to the site where the tests are located and complete them on-line.

3. At least one website is noted from where you can self-administer the test.

4. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER test /questionnaire.

5. Complete the questionnaires on-line and make sure you take screen shots or keep pdf’s of your work/results.

6. The pdf’s and / or screen shots showing you took, and received results, for the tests, are to be included in an APPENDIX section of your paper [i.e. separate section, after References page, at END].

7. Make sure you properly organize your paper before you submit.


Everyone is to

a. identify the test

b. explain what the test is measuring

c. identify the results / score you received for each

d. apply your understanding of what the test is measuring [b] to your interpretation of what the results mean about you

Please note – your paper is to based on the results of the tests – not your assumption about yourself.

· It is quite acceptable, in a paper wherein you are reporting about self-administered tests and results about you, to speak and write in 1st person.

· When you prepare and present your paper, do not copy instructions into your paper.

Use a chart as noted below and present in LANDSCAPE format.

It is quite acceptable for this portion to present the chart:

· 11 pt font; [Arial preferred]

· 1.15 X spacing, instead of 2X spacing.

· BUT ALWAYS 8 ½ x 11 inch paper

· leave cover page, and any other pages with explanations, and References, and Appendix in PORTRAIT format

Please remember do not copy the instructions into your paper

 Name of TestWhat are the dimensions assessed?Explanation of the personality dimension, or dimensions, measured by this personality test ? DO NOT forget to cite/reference properly and DO NOT merely use as an explanation of the dimensions measure only what is provided on the test site – find anotherWhat score[s] did you get for each [piece]?For each [piece] what does it mean about you?Your interpretation [application] must demonstrate your understanding of the test dimension[s] meaning.
3Big 5   
4Locus of Control   
5Type A   
6Self Control and Self Monitoring   
7Self Esteem   
9The Narcissist Test   


· Since you will be, in part, reporting about you, it is quite acceptable to write these portions in 1st person.

· You may add an Additional commentary/discussion Section, after the above required information, as you think necessary.

· This should be in regular portrait, 12 pt font, 2x spacing.

· You should also identify / review / discuss / analyze / explain – in this section – ALL instances where 2 or more tests say similar or contradictory results.


· When taking personality tests, you typically need to respond based on your PREFERRED way of being, not necessarily how situations in the past have required / compelled you to be.

· People are rarely a “pure” form or completely one way or the other – most are an amalgam – so when responding to any question on any personality / psychological test, go with your first instinct as to what the best response is for you, – so do not state circumstances change what you will do, or how you would react , etc 

· Be sure to follow carefully Assignment Submission requirements and APA formatting [info posted on course eCentennial site].



· Each student’s submission must be unique.

· You should not be collaborating with anyone else.

· Copying, or using in any manner, work from someone else, is an Academic Integrity Violation [AIV].

· Cutting and pasting from sources is a violation of Academic Integrity even if in quotes and cited. [typical standard is up to 10% of a paper may be direct quote].

· A serious breach of Academic Integrity can result in a paper receiving an F [or even “0”] grade

· 2nd chances are not “automatic”


People are what they do – not what they think they would do.

If the response to a test defines you in a certain way, think very carefully about how you answered the questions because the answers you provide to the questions reveal what you actually [think you] would do, which is what / who you are , not necessarily what / who you think you are .

You must make sure, in explaining the test results about you, you use the information about what the test is about, and the related dimension or dimensions, correctly / accurately, and unambiguously.

Personality Tests and where you can find them

You are required to:

1- go to the site [choose 1 of the sites if there is more than 1 noted below for each test]

2- complete the test

3 – print out and/or take screen shots to show [a] you started answering questions on the test, and [b] your test results – all these MUST BE SUBMITTED with your paper- make note of which site you went to

4 – FOLLOW instructions carefully on Assignment Requirements for the “write up” submission, and make sure you cite <-> reference properly!

 Name of TestWhere to find itWhere to find it
3Big 5https://www.truity.com/test/big-five-personality-testhttps://www.queendom.com/tests/access_page/index.htm?idRegTest=4058
4Locus of Controlhttps://www.queendom.com/tests/access_page/index.htm?idRegTest=704http://www.psych.uncc.edu/pagoolka/LocusofControl-intro.html
5Type Ahttps://www.queendom.com/tests/access_page/index.htm?idRegTest=1126 
6Self-Control and Self-Monitoringhttps://www.queendom.com/tests/access_page/index.htm?idRegTest=2815#2815 
7Self Esteemhttps://www.queendom.com/tests/access_page/index.htm?idRegTest=3105 
9The Narcissist Testhttps://www.queendom.com/tests/access_page/index.htm?idRegTest=1039

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