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Content Assessment: Career Thoughts


Content Assessment: Career Thoughts

Content Assessment: Career Thoughts


Part 1:

Various sites will offer assistance in not only figuring out what you want to do but also with obtaining a future job position. This assignment will afford you the opportunity for exploration of such informative sites. After navigating and exploring both sites and registering with the following sitesO*NET Online  and College Central Network and viewing the ppt from the resource section of this module you are to compose your written assignment. Navigate to the following two videos O*NET Online and  College Central Network both sites are excellent sites that will be very helpful with your job search. Navigate around both sites for exploration of what both sites have to offer. O*NET offers an abundance of information on skills needed for various occupations as well as offering examples of open positions. When you are within the College Central Network register on the main page and then continue your site exploration.

  1. Identify what career choice you intend to follow
  2. Why you are looking into this career choice
  3. What 2 specific pieces of information did you gain from the O*NET site
  4. What 2 specific pieces of information did you gain from the O*NET ppt
  5. What 2 specific pieces of information did you gain from the College central site
  6. Explain how this assignment has assisted you in your future job search
  7. What did you learn about yourself with this assignment?

part 2:

After completing your assignment for this module you should know what career path you intend to take and how you will go about achieving your goal. You are to research your intended future career and submit your response to the following questions in a word document with a minimum of 550 650-word count.

  1. Identify your intended career choice (ex. Educational Psychologist)
  2. Give a description of the career (ex. This area of psychology is concerned with the scientific study of human learning. The study of learning processes etc………. Within this field and educational psychologist will examine behavior, performance and mental operations. It also refers to etc…….)
  3. Where will you be able to be employed (ex. Schools, Training facilities, etc.) (1-3 should have solid depth to fully describe the intended career)
  4. What education is required? (degree type, any continuing education, academies, training specifics, courses, pre-requisites etc…. solid depth to describe what type of education will be needed)
  5. Identify a specific graduate school if your intended career needs graduate school and why you selected that school to further examine for attendance. If your career does not need graduate school explain how you will go about adjusting to intended career with regards to any stress for first time “real world job.”
  6. What is the salary range?
  7. What is the growth outlook?
  8. What would a day in the life of whatever career be like?
  9. Identify your strengths for this career.
  10. Identify your weaknesses for this career.
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