Cover Letter and Resume


Find a job that fits your qualifications (Something within the health management field I have a BSA in health management). Write a targeted cover letter and resume. This means, that you will write for the specific job that you chose. I recommend that you do not use a previous cover letter and resume (although if you have these documents), you may want to work with them. If you use a cover letter or resume generator, be careful.

Job Description: Please include this in the textbox (message area) of the Dropbox. DO NOT PUT it the Dropbox.

Cover Letter: For this assignment, you should follow letter format as outlined in Module 1. It should be one page and address the specific employer and job that you are targeting.

Resume: For this assignment, unless you have an extensive history of work, it should be one page and should target the job you have selected. It should include information about your work experience, skills, college experience. Unless you are applying for an internship, I would not recommend including any high school information.

Attached an old resume for you to use.

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