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Assignment: Use a Word Document please.

Copy and paste the Job Advertisement – Requirements, Qualifications, and Description of the Duties for the job. Patagonia Store Manager (Links to an external site.) as an example.

Listed below is an example of the major headings and subheadings listed in the job posting.

Job Title: Retail Store Manager

  • Reports to: Regional/District Manager
  • Location: Washington DC
  • General Summary
  • Essential Job Functions
  1. Customer Service
  2. Personnel
  3. Communication
  4. Activism
  5. Merchandising/Marketing
  6. Legal Compliance
  7. Other Job Functions
  • Physical Requirements
  • Minimum Job Qualifications

Read three of your peers’ Persuasive Cover Letters written the Cardon Way! and write for each Cover Letter that should align with the Job Advertisement a critical assessment of (a) what was well-done (application of Cardon’s ideas) and (b) what needs revision for improvement (Chapter 11 information about giving bad news). Write at least one complete paragraph for each “Persuasive Cover Letter the Cardon Way!” that you review. Your goal is to help the writer see his or her “blind spots,” areas that need to be developed so that he / she can sell him or herself as a job candidate.

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