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  • Topic: Onboarding/New Employee Orientation

Creative write a powerpoint presentation dissecting the roles, pay and laws of a “pseudo” supermarket company. Please focus on Payroll/Compensation: Explain pay dates, payroll issues, changing/updating withholdings, hours of operation, etc. but still include ideas listed below.

Ideas/Suggestions for Discussion: 10-12 Slides

• Slide that shows the leadership of the organization and their roles:

• Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, VPs, Directors, etc.

  • Slide that reveals the Mission Statement, Tenets, Focus, etc.
  • Slide that reveals the organization’s structure and interconnection of each department.

• HR, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Sales, IT, etc. • Slide that reveals HR’s role (mandatory slide)

• Discuss at least five laws and how your organization ensures compliance with such laws. For example, ADA, Equal Pay Act, ADEA, etc. based in Florida

(Slides to include) Payroll/Compensation: Overtime policy, rewards, store hours, pay dates holidays

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