Crime Analysis Report Chart


Create a Crime Analysis Report Chart. Do the following:

Choose one residence, one mall, and one school for your crime mapping analysis.

Utilize the Community Crime Map website found in Topic Materials by inputting the addresses of the three potential crime targets. Set the crime map “date range” for 90 days. NOTE: Not all cities participate in the Crime Mapping project, so if you put in an address and no crimes appear, you will need to choose a different target.

For each target, utilize routine activity theory (using the problem analysis triangle), as well as other crime theories to explain the crime’s occurrence.

From the data analyzed using routine activity theory, compile a possible profile identifying possible victim, suspect, and location of crimes.

Record the various crimes, regarding what times of the day are the high and low for each and which days of the week are the “Hot” and “Cold” times for the various crimes.

Additionally, you will need to use the “data grid” on the Crime Map page, to identify the location of the crime and the type of environment.

Be sure to cite three to five relevant scholarly sources in support of your content. Use only sources found at the GCU Library, government websites, or those provided in Topic Materials.

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