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Critical Reviews of Journal Articles


You will write 3 critical reviews of the journal articles listed in your assigned readings. You can choose which specific articles you wish to use to complete these assignments. Each review should be 2-3 pages long – not including cover page and references – in APA format. Please answer each of the elements listed below in a separate paragraph. That is, you do not need to weave all elements together into a seamless paper. The papers will be graded in the usual way for content and format. Each of your critical reviews should address the following 9 elements:

  • Provide the full APA style citation for your article
  • Brief note about each author (e.g., where they work and what they study). If there are more than three authors, just include the first three.
  • List the researchers’ hypotheses.
  • Describe the study design (e.g., correlational study, observational study, randomized controlled trial, etc). This can be tough. Refer to your textbook and feel free to ask questions of your classmates.
  • What were the independent and dependent variables? How were each measured?
  • What were the main results?
  • How do you think this study impacts our understanding of humans and human behavior?
  • Make one connection between this study and your personal life.

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