CRM and Data Mining


a)      What is a data mining and how does it relate to a CRM system?


When Harrah’s first started its Total Rewards loyalty program in 1997, it was during a time of rapid expansion of casinos in hot spots like Las Vegas and Atlantic City, N.J. The relaxation of state gaming laws only intensified the rivalry among casinos. While recognition cards aimed at boosting customer loyalty had been in the industry for some time, Harrah’s wanted to go one step further. It sought not only to identify its best and most loyal customers; it also wanted to use that data to reward them in ways they hadn’t been rewarded before.

b)      Use the Internet to learn more about Harrah’s Total Reward CRM system (there is a lot of articles out there…try to find several).  Explain how they used their CRM system to increase their overall profits.


c)       Explain to the management of The Chocolate Bar how they could use a CRM system to help them build their business. 


Use References and citations in proper APA formatting. Put the references at the end


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