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Cuyamaca College Lying Behavior Discussion


Lying Interview Assignment


  1. Read the notes on Lying (below) Please read the notes before asking your interview questions for the assignment you will turn in.
  1. You will need to interview 4 people about lying. Please ask and record the answers to each of the following questions. It is due on Sunday, December 5th by 11:59 pm. You have 3 weeks to work on this. You need to ask each of the 4 people you interview all of the questions below. Then, after you have their answers, write a 3-page (minimum) paper detailing your findings. Do not answer the questions in a bullet point style in your paper. Please write it in a typical essay format with an introduction and conclusion. APA or MLA style with a cover page. Make sure you share details on each interviewee’s answers.

Interview Questions

  1. What was the most recent lie you told?
  2. Why did you tell it?
  3. Did the person you lied to find out the truth?
  4. How would you feel if they did find out the truth?
  5. Tell the person you are interviewing the 5 major reasons people lie and ask them which one (s) they find themselves doing the most and why?
  6. Have they ever caught someone lying to them? If so, how did it affect their relationship with that person?
  7. How does lying affect communication?

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