Data Analysis


This option of the discussion includes several steps. Please complete the following steps and write an initial post answering the questions:
Go to the following Census Bureau Profile site.
Select your state on the map, (My state is NC)
Once you do this, select the State Profile link that pops upThis will bring you to your state profile page. You can scroll down and pick a number of demographics such as Age and Sex, the number of Veterans in the state, the number of Foreign Born citizens in the state, Race and Ethnicity, or any other demographic that you find interesting.
Pick at least three of these.Create a table in Excel or Word and put this information in the table under the Column header of your state, (NC)
Go back to the website.Choose another state and view that state’s profile (Any state is fine)
Copy these numbers to your excel table under the Column header of your second state, e.g., NY
Note the differences in your chosen demographics between your chosen states.Within at least one paragraph, explain what you think attributes to some of the changes? Be sure to post your chart to the discussion post.

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