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Graphical Perception Discussion Post22 unread replies.22 replies.Over the last two weeks, we have been discussing graphical perception and how it relates to data visualization. You have been introduced to some of the seminal works in graphical perceptions through the assigned readings and class discussions.Another individual that you need to be aware of in the landscape of data visualization/graphical perception is Robert Kosara. I encourage you to check out his website, eageryes.com (Links to an external site.).For this assignment, you are going to read a paper written by Drew Skau & Robert Kosara and one of his colleagues. The paper is entitled ‘Arcs, Angles or Areas: Individual Data Encodings in Pie and Donut Charts download.’After reading the paper by Skau & Kosara, provide a response to the following question:1. Do you think pie charts are an effective visualization tool? Provide evidence/support of why you stated yes or no to this question. That, is provide a pie chart that either was effective or not effective from your work. Or, provide an example from the data visualization community. First post due by Wednesday February 5 2020 by 11:59p.m. EST.After all students have posted, read through the responses of your classmates and find a classmate that has an opposing view as you.  After carefully considering the different point of view of the classmate you have selected, respond to the classmate and tell the classmate whether his/her discussion post has changed your mind in any way regarding your initial stance on the effective use of pie charts. 

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