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Describe the progress made to date on achieving the recommendation


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Note: Due to Hurricane Irma. you must submit one post (onesubstantive original post) AND evidence-based citations andreferences are required for your original post. NO PEER RESPONSESare required.In your initial post (do not copy/paste your entire paper, but mayinclude portions that relate to the prompt questions below):Introduce your assigned Future of Nursing RecommendationDescribe the progress made to date on achieving therecommendation (regionally, nationally, or both)Provide ONE example of an innovative strategy to support theachievement of the recommendation you found in your research.Discuss the challenges facing nursing in achieving therecommendationRefer to the Scholarly Discussions Grading Rubric: include and citeevidence for your initial post response.General Discussion: Checking the Pulse .7This has likely been a whirlwind five weeks-you are on the brink ofcompleting your first course in the RN-BSN program. During the firstweek, you submitted a plan for managing challenges. In thisdiscussion, share a little bit about your progress on meeting expectedand unexpected challenges in completing this course. How have youmodified your plan to be successful?This is also an opportunity to provide feedback to SCF Nursing facultyon how well we are doing in supporting your success. What activitiesin this class have been most valuable to your learning? The least? Inwhat ways can we improve the overall support for newly-enrolled RN-BSN students?Your feedback is valuable in order to continually assess and improvethe quality of our education programs and student supports. Sharingyour experiences with other students may support a stronger sense ofcommunity (especially for online learners).Note: This is an open discussion forum, so your responses will beshared among other students. Please email me if you wish to shareyour reflections and comments in a more confidential manner. ONLYan INITIAL POST is required, NO RESPONSE POST to a colleague’spost is required. Also, NO CITATIONS/REFERENCES are required”Do you need a similar assignment done for you from scratch? We have qualified writers to help you with a guaranteed plagiarism-free A+ quality paper.

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