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Design a Website for Coffee Shop (use E-commerce Theories)



I have to
submit E-commerce project for the university; the project is to design a
website. Please design a website for a coffee shop, you may design a website
for existing coffee shop e.g. Jolt, or I think it’s better to design a website
for non-existing coffee shop with only one local branch (the branch should be
in Saudi Arabia, Dammam). Feel free to add all the necessary features, menu
that should be available in the best coffee shops. Name the coffee shop HUG N A

Design a
website for the chosen coffee shop using object oriented programming. Please
object oriented programing tools.

ü Customize the appearance of the coffee shop using a theme

ü Products & categories

ü Design and implement cart and checkout services

ü Design and implement ordering system

ü Design and implement payment options

ü The marketing plan should be reflected on the

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