Design Thinking Process


To complete this assignment, you must:

1- Review the YouTube video

2-Research ONLY online videos on the design thinking process, then choose five (5) additional resources on that subject, BUT three (3) of those five MUST be in a language other than English.

HINT: You will find tons of videos on YouTube alone. I have also seen several great examples in Arabic, Hindi, and Spanish.

Part of my goal here is to get you out of your comfort zone when researching (search, lather, rinse, repeat when researching subjects), BUT also to emphasize similarities and differences between cultures and languages.

This assignment poses intriguing options for you with your international set. You could:

1. Choose videos in a nonEnglish language/languages you don’t speak.
If I spoke only English, I could choose three in Arabic, three in Spanish, or some combo like one in Arabic, one in Spanish, one in Telugu.

2. Choose videos in a nonEnglish language or languages you do speak.
If I were bilingual in English and Spanish, I could choose three English for my national and three Spanish videos for my international set.
If you are bilingual, you could also choose videos in a language you know and one or two in another language you don’t.
If I were bilingual in English and Spanish, for example, I could choose three in English, one in Spanish, and two in Arabic.

Regardless of whether you can speak that video’s language, you are looking for similarities and differences between your national and international sets. For example, you will see basic graphics and examples repeated in videos whatever language they use because they are explaining the same process/concept; however, you will also see differences that might surprise you.

3- Summarize your research (including the YouTube video I assigned in Step 1) in one (1) well-written paragraph addressed to me that includes:

1. Links to my video and your five (5) sources formatted as those sources’ titles, NOT as their URLS.

* Documents (1) without links or (2) with links formatted as URLs will lose one letter grade.

2. Effective rhetorical strategies, such as:
• Audience Awareness/You-attitude
• Direct Address
• Emphasis on Shared Goals, Perspectives, and Values
• Goodwill Ending/Stress on benefits
Remember you are talking to your boss here, but a boss who (1) knows about this proposal and (2) is receptive to your recs.

3. Your recommendation that I incorporate your resources into my future classes’ review of the design thinking process.

4- After your summary paragraph, include a second paragraph that relates what you learned in the process of researching and writing this assignment.

This paragraph will feature items like your:
• Rationale (e.g. why you chose the videos you chose)
• Experiences (e.g. positive, negative, both)
• Assessment of this assignment for you personally and professionally. (I am creative person, social, familiar, bilingual, teamwork, problem solving, etc)

5- Include a correct and complete LOR (List of References) of all six (6) sources on the page AFTER your para.

* Documents without LORs will fail this assignment.

6- Format your doc using our class header style: LastnameFirstinitial_Name of Assignment (on the lefthand margin) and the pagination using the X of Y formula (on the righthand margin). If I were formatting my headers, I would do so like this model (assuming that my name aligns with the lefthand margin and my pagination with the right):

SmithC_WE6 Page 2 of 2

As I did here, you would underline your header and begin it on p. 2, NOT p. 1.

* Docs without headers will lose one letter grade.

7- Save your document as .docx or PDF file.

* No other formats will be accepted.

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