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Determine the Output measurements (these are the measures of the activities)



Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.(Kody Farmer)Worksheet for Building Logic Models (Template 1)Step 1: Identify ONE Problem (the Stakeholder Community Need)Seton Medical Center Hays SecuritySecurity feels unequipped to deal with the rising violence in the hospitalStep 2: Determine the Outcomes(Use the SMART approach for determining the outcomes).Short Term: Give security the necessary tools to assist them in preventing the violence while giving them time to establish long-term safety goals.Long Term: Establishing training that will allow security to de-escalate situations without the use of physical force/compliance assistance devices (restraints, tazers, etc)Step 3: Identify the Inputs (available resources)• Additional funding from corporate to obtain new equipment• Receive training for security that has held law enforcement experience• Get training from like-minded security in the same organizationStep 4: Determine the Activities (the things that need to be done to accomplish the outcomes)• Gather data to show corporate why the resources are necessary• Offer financial incentive for those who are qualified to train, do so• Develop/implement programs that assist in verbal de-escalationStep 5: Determine the Output measurements (these are the measures of the activities)• Allows the security department to hire/pay those who are qualified • Create a temporary environment of safety while the security officers are trained in verbal de-escalation• Moves away from physical restraint To provide an adequate feeling of safety and security for the security staff, hospital workers, and patients alike. This is done through disbursement of personal protection equipment and de-escalating, verbally, to prevent any potential violence.Transpose the above onto the Logic Model (Template 2).respond to this persons discussion , no less than 100 words

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