Directions: The Final Technology Term Paper requires you to define, research, e

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Directions:The Final Technology Term Paper requires you to define, research, evaluate, discuss impacts on organization and society and make recommendations on an issue as it relates to computer technology such as Net Neutrality, Computer Security, Artificial Intelligence, Social Media or Online Learning. If you have a different topic you want to research, please review with Professor.Review your paper for:DEFINITIONAN EVALUATIONA RECOMMENDATIONMake sure the paper flows and is in logical order.Criteria:The paper must include a Title page and three full pages for a minimum of four pages.Title Page:Create a title page that includes a Title with the topic, your first and last name, course, and date. If needed, search Google “Examples of Title Pages”Format:Use double-spacing, 1” top, 1” bottom, 1” left, and 1” right margins. Font size 11.This paper can be saved as an .doc or .docx format. If you do not have Word, you can use a Google Doc and submit the link. If you have a PC, you can use WordPad. This is a free basic word processing app that comes with Windows 10 operating system. In the Start Menu type “WordPad”. Mac Pages may be used if saved as a PDF format.Use good spelling, grammar and punctuation. Use a spell check. Let the paper rest and return to it for review.Citations:Include a bibliography (References) using appropriate APA format on a separate page. Your paper must be original and written in your own words using appropriate APA formatting to refer to resources used. If you use any information from another source, credit must be given to the author using appropriate APA format. An automatic zero will be given for plagiarism or if you copied and pasted the link at the end.Here is a resource on APA Formatting (Links to an external site.)Submission:Save the paper as Your First and Last Name_TermPaper and submit on Canvas.RUBRIC:Title Page: topic, student name, course, date -2Defined Topic: 10 PointsEvaluated topic: 10 PointsRecommendation: 10 PointsMinus the Title Page, three FULL pages of content (If a line or two is missing, points will be deducted) -5Formatted document as outlined -3Appropriate spelling, grammar and punctuation -5Applied APA format -5

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Directions: The Final Technology Term Paper requires you to define, research, e

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