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Directions: There are three components to this assignment. Annotated Bibliograph



Directions:There are three components to this assignment.Annotated BibliographyIn this assignment you will be utilizing an annotated bibliography to critically critique and review scholarly research. In an annotated bibliography, you must evaluate the research and provide a concise summary of the work in your own words (paraphrased). Do not simply quote the research outcomes, but fully synthesize the key findings of the research in your own words. You must also identify areas of strength and weakness in the research.You will need to review 2 scholarly articles. Scholarly articles should be within 5-7 years. Your assignment is to be a maximum of 3 pages. Anything beyond the maximum page number will not be graded.Application of Research to CLPNA Competencies.After thorough synthesis and analysis of the research, you will need to identify which CLPNA competency connects to the research you reviewed and apply the knowledge gained from your annotated bibliography to the competency.You must utilize 1 CLPNA competency.Application of Evidence/ Competencies in current or future practice.Finally, taking the evidence, you have collected from your annotated bibliography and the accompanying CLPNA competency, explain how you will incorporate the research into your own practice in the future.The Annotated BibliographyAn annotated bibliography contains a list of sources (in alphabetical order), followed by a summary (annotation) of each source, and provides an assessment of its value or relevance. A key purpose of the annotation is for the student to begin interacting with their sources in order to develop their own opinions and insights that will form the basis of their paper. An annotated bibliography provides a concise summary of each source and provides an assessment of its value or relevance.An annotation is different from an abstract. It should summarize the main points and include your own statement evaluating the quality of the item and/or relating the item to your own research topic. When evaluating consider is the research peer reviewed, was there any author bias (affiliated with the funder, is there declared funding, are the authors credible, is the data valid and transferable. Are there any strengths or gaps in the research?An annotated bibliography includes:• A proper reference citation (APA): APA Style, 7th edition• A short Summary: Discuss what the source says in your own words and focus on the scholar(s)’s conclusions. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE.• Use: Why the source is useful for your argument. This is where the writer will include facts, statistics, quotes or ideas from the source material that they might include in their assignment.Annotated Bibliography SampleThe following article is available at the BVC Library. Please read the article and look at how it was annotated for support in understanding how to annotate your own scholarly articles.Step 1: Citation in APA. Note the hanging indent in lines 2-3 and the URL is hyperlinked. These are requirements for APA CitationSenior, M., & McCullough, K.D. (2021). Implications of clinical shift length on nursing student learning outcomes. The Journal of Nursing Education, 60(5), 253-258. https://doi.org/10.3928/01484834-20210420-03Step 2: Short Summary.Senior and McCullough found that not only did nursing students prefer to work twelve-hour shifts instead of six-hour shifts in a clinical practice setting, but they also developed better rapports with patients, families, and their clinical instructors, and scored higher in their nursing student learning outcomes.Step 3: Use.Furthermore, through quantitative and Likert survey methods, Senior and McCullough (2021) uncovered that 67% of nursing students that participated in twelve-hour shifts improved their scores on the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX) compared to 40% of students that worked six-hour shifts. This article will highlight that for optimal learning, it is better for nursing students to work twelve-hour shifts in a clinical setting.Paper Layout should include:Title pageNo abstract neededBody- which should include a separate paragraph for each annotated article, a paragraph on the selected CLPNA competencies, a paragraph on application to future practiceConclusionReference pagePlease follow the rubric. If you have any questions or concerns reach out for guidance and support.

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