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Discuss the safety and effectiveness of alternative and complementary medicine f



Discuss the safety andeffectiveness of alternative and complementary medicine for the treatment ofspecific illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and hypertension. Would you haveany conflicts/concerns supporting a patient who choose holistic/allopathicmedicine?SubmissionInstructions:·Your initial post should be 500 words, formatted and citedin current APA 7th style with support from at least 3 academic sources.·Turnitin similarity should be less than 14%·Quotes “…” cannot be used at a higher learning level for yourassignments, so sentences need to be paraphrased and referenced.·Acceptable references include scholarly journal articles orprimary legal sources (statutes, court opinions), journal articles, and bookspublished in the last five years. No websites to be referenced withoutprior approval.Resources· Arcangelo, P. V., Peterson, M. A., Wilbur, V., & Reinhold, A. J.(2017). Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Practice: A Practical Approach (4thEd.). Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins AmericanISBN: 9781496319968o Chapter 24Chapter_24.pptxDownload Chapter_24.pptxo Chapter 25Chapter_25.pptx Download Chapter_25.pptxo Chapter 26Chapter_26.pptx Download Chapter_26.pptxo Chapter 27Chapter_27.pptx Download Chapter_27.pptx·American Psychological Association. (2019).·As part of your readings in this module, please also review thefollowing:APA and Research Guides (Links to an external site.)WatchManagement and treatment of COPD (7:33)Animated COPD Patient. (2014, August 15). Management and treatment of COPD [Video].YouTube. https://youtu.be/9-ErVE–vjMManagement and Treatment of COPD (Links to an external site.)Online Materials & Resources1. Dempsey, P. P., Businger,A. C., Whaley, L. E., Gagne, J. J., & Linder, J. A. (2014). Primary careclinicians’ perceptions about antibiotic prescribing for acute bronchitis: aqualitative study. BMCFamily Practice, 15(1), 86-105. doi:10.1186/s12875-014-0194-52.Kaufman, G. (2012). Asthma update: recommendations fordiagnosis, treatment and management. PrimaryHealth Care, 22(5), 32-39.3.Holmes, S., & Scullion, J. (2015). A changing landscape:diagnosis and management of COPD… Chronic obstructive pulmonarydisease. British Journal of Nursing,24(8), 432-440. doi:10.12968/bjon.2015.24.8.4324. Diagnosis and treatment ofcommunity-acquired pneumonia (Linksto an external site.)Lutfiyya, M. N., Henley, E., Chang, L. F., & Wessel Reyburn, S. (2006,February 1). Diagnosis and treatment ofcommunity-acquired pneumonia. AAFP American Academy of FamilyPhysicians. https://www.aafp.org/afp/2006/0201/p442.html

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