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Discuss the US Laws & Student Acceptance


Discussioin has to be 250-275 words.

Many students
and their families don’t realize that their right to privacy, free speech, and
equal access are all protected under federal law. This means that any school
that accepts federal funds (e.g., public schools and some private schools) must
provide the same rights for all students regardless of sexual orientation
(ACLU, nd).

Most recently California has announced that the public school systems will be
adding LGBT themed books to their recommended reading list that have earned the
“Stonewall Book Award” (ALA, 2013). Take some time to read the following
article and brief synopsis for some of the new books included on the list:

Andersen, K.
(2013). California dept. of education adds dozens of gay,
transgender titles to recommended reading list.
Retrieved from http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/california-dept.-of-education-adds-dozens-of-gay-transgender-titles-to-reco

  • If your last name is A – M, defend the
    addition of this controversial topic to the recommended reading list to your
    class peers using at least one additional citation to support your defense.

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