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Discussion # 2 An important tenant of a broad comprehensive approach is that sex



Discussion # 2An important tenant of a broad comprehensive approach is that sexuality education should prepare young people for a healthy expression of their sexuality. Oftentimes, teens are found with many mixed messages regarding sexuality from peers, family, religion, media, and partners. As a matter of fact, many adolescents don’t know where to get proper education, and for over 35 years abstinence-only programming has been the focal point of sexuality education and policy in the United States until it was replaced.In 2016, President Obama replaced abstinence-only programs with age-appropriate, evidence-based education that address life skills to help teens make responsible decisions that lead to safe and healthy lives. Many have argued that sexuality education should be the responsibility of parents and clergy and that schools should not be involved. However, parents and clergy have rebutted that they lack the proper information to disseminate to the kids and oftentimes cite lack of proper information and embarrassment or acknowledgment of teen sexuality. Sexuality education is a lifelong process and it requires a multifaceted approach, it is a team effort.In your discussion address the following questions in a paragraph format:Who or what taught you the most about sexuality when you were a child or teenager? Did you receive an abstinence-only or comprehensive lesson regarding sexuality.What lessons did you learn and did those lessons prepare you to become sexually competent?What would have made your sexuality education more complete and ready for any sexual encounter?Who do you believe is responsible for the primary sexual education of children & teens?What should be included in a sexuality education program for teens at your local high school and why?Your discussion should be in narrative format, not in a list and it should be a discussion, not simple yes, no, or sometimes answers. It must be 200-300 wordsBe careful how you type and present your work. This is not an instant or text message. It’s a college-level writing assignment you are submitting for a grade. You will be graded on the quantity and quality of your work and on the inclusion of all the required information as well as your demonstrated level of critical thinking and analysis. The required information is contained below:Discussion PromptIn the following discussion…Grading Rubric Yes No1. Length is 200-words or more2. Lists personal accounts of sexuality programming?3. Discusses the different types of sexuality education?4. Discusses who is responsible for sexuality education of children and teens?5. Discusses how to improve sexuality education?6. Replied to at least one other student in the same discussion with a meaningful contribution to their understanding of the topic?

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