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2. Many companies compete in a number of market segments. Discuss an example of one such company and describe how it communicates with its customers in different market segments

3. Discuss the role that IMC assumes in a marketing mix. That is, how is this element of the mix coordinated with pricing, distribution, and product functions

4. As the media environment changes, explain how this impacts the role of advertising and promotion. Why is the IMC process than it was, say 20 year ago?

5. Discuss the difference between benefit and demographic segmentation. Give example of companies employing each. Is it possible for a company to employ both forms of segmentation simultaneously?

6. discuss the breadth and scope of international marketing research. Why is international research generally broader in scope than domestic marketing research?

7. what is the task of the international-marketing research? How is it complicated by the foreign environment?

8. Discuss the stages of the research process in relation to the problems encountered. Give examples

9. Why is the formulation of the research problem difficult in foreign market research?

10. Discuss the problems of gathering secondary data in foreign markets

11. What are some problems created by language and the ability to comprehend the questions in collecting primary data? How can a foreign market research overcome these difficulties?

12. Discuss when qualitative research may be more effective than quantitative research?

15. The foreign market research must possess three essential capabilities to generate meaningful marketing information. Discuss

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