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DISCUSSION BOARD FORUM 2 and replies (will be sent after first part is done


Textbook Readings

  • Forsyth: chs. 5–6
  • Jacobs et al.: chs. 4–5

Discussion Board Forum 2

You will read and hear about stages of group development and factors that contribute to group cohesion. Based on your readings and experience, discuss the aspects of the beginning and transition (storming/norming) stages of a group that are most critical for the leader to attend to in order for the group to reach the working stage.

You will participate in 5 Discussion Board Forums. For each specific topic, you must incorporate relevant ideas from both the Jacobs et al. and Forsyth course texts. For each forum, you are required to create a thread between 300 and 350 words addressing a specific topic. In addition, you must respond to at least 2 classmates’ threads with 200–250-word replies each. You will be required to write 200–250-word replies to at least 3 of your classmates’ threads. In your replies, expand on the discussion by analyzing and building upon the thread and incorporating at least 1 scholarly reference in each reply. Integration of Scripture is encouraged, but is not required. Assertions must be supported by in-text references in current APA format. Use first person and single-spaced formatting and indent new paragraphs. Your threads and replies must be well written, well organized, and focused.

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