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Discussion: meeting the needs of service users from diverse cultures



It is not feasible for advanced human services professional practitioners to be familiar with the cultural values, beliefs, and norms of every cultural group present within a community they serve. Being a successful practitioner in this era of diversity does, however, require that you practice open-mindedness, acknowledge possible differences without judgment, and research or seek guidance about culturally sensitive and ethically sound interventions. It also requires that you consider how the evolving context in which you work influences how you respond to service users.In this Discussion, you will respond to one of the case studies in the Hart City community. In doing so, you will examine cultural and ethical considerations related to working with the service user in the case study as well as how a recent current event might influence your approach.To PrepareReview your Course Announcements for possible information related to this week’s Discussion and Assignment.Review the Week 4 case studies and select one to focus on for this Discussion. Keep the case study in mind as you review this week’s Learning Resources.Review the chapters in the text that pertain to the cultures of the service user in the case study you selected. Given what you read about the cultures, think about how you would assist the service user while respecting their culture.Review the Ethical Standards for Human Services Professionals. Identify ethical standards that would inform your work with the service user in the case study.Review the article on the cultural impacts of social movements. Think about how current events, such as social movements, may influence how you approach the service user in the case study. Post your response to the following questions as they relate to the case study you selected:What can you do to assist the service user in achieving their goals while respecting their culture? What cultural aspects are most important to consider in this case, and why?What are your ethical responsibilities to the service user? Why are these ethical considerations necessary? Be specific and support your answer with references to the NOHS ethical standards.How would one recent current event influence how you approach this case study? Be specific. 

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