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Discussion PICK TWO: Roles on the Healthcare Team, and Power Point.


In addition to understanding medical terminology, it is also helpful to understand the roles of the healthcare professionals. In this assignment you will research two different careers in the healthcare industry as well as exploring a specialty area.

  1. List 2 careers in healthcare and compare the education, the pay, the duties, and the job availability in a chart.
  2. Starting on page 184 in your textbook there are CASE REPORTS 1 through 10. Select one of the CASE REPORTS and READ it THEN define the terms and explore the different careers in that specialty area.

RESOURCES for this Assignment:

1. On page 332 in your textbook there is a list of over 30 healthcare careers with a description, education requirements.

2. View the healthcare videos on “what an typical day is like” at the link below:

http://www.drkit.org/careervideos/ (Links to an external site.)

3. Link to US News Ranking of the best healthcare jobs:

http://money.usnews.com/careers/best-jobs/rankings/best-healthcare-jobs (Links to an external site.)

4. Link to information on members of the Healthcare Team:


—————————————————————————————————————————————————– Power Point.

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to explore the importance of using professional communication and medical terminology and how it influences patient safety. In the presentation the student will need to verbally demonstrate rationale of how the chosen topic can be influenced by using professional communication and accurate medical terminology.


  1. Reflect upon what was learned in relation to the use of professional communication and accurate medical terminology.
  2. Select a topic of interest to you that deals with safety concerns when medical terminology is not appropriately used during communication. This can be based on what you have read, experienced, or witnessed.
  3. Create a PowerPoint slide show that tells the story of a situation of why the medical terminology caused a safety concern. While there is no minimum or maximum on the number of slides, it is suggested the length should be between six and ten slides, excluding the title slide. The content should include:
  4. A list of medical terms with definitions that were a safety concern in your story.
  5. The selected safety issue story and its relevance to medical terminology.
  6. The selected safety issue story and its relevance to communication.
  7. Suggestions for how appropriate terminology could improve with situation.
  8. Using the notes feature in the PowerPoint Program, describe the information on the slide. Complete the note section using complete sentences and using proper grammar.
  9. Include pictures, websites and Organizations that represent the selected topic and the role in patient safety. Be creative!
  10. Create a vocal recording of the PowerPoint. See the Canvas course page for directions on how to create the vocal recording.
  11. A minimum of 3 credible resources from literature should be used to support your presentation. See below for what constitutes credible literature resources. The resources page should be submitted in a separate word document. APA format should be used when citing the resources.
  12. This PowerPoint assignment is worth 35 points and is weighted 20% of the final grade in this course.

Credible resources:

The following are general guidelines that should be followed to determine if a source is credible. While credible sources may fall outside of these guidelines, they should be used cautiously.

  • Scholarly journals
  • Books, including textbooks
  • Web sites that end in .gov; .edu; .ac.; or are sponsored by a credible organization such as American Nurses Association, American Psychological Association, etc.
  • While other sources can be acceptable, use them cautiously. They may be credible if they contain:
    • An author
    • A date
    • The source or organization is listed
    • Does it include a reference list

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