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Discussion: Psychology- Counselling Techniques.


Discussion: Psychology- Counselling Techniques.

Discussion: Psychology- Counselling Techniques.

Watch the movie- The Sixth Sense and then answer a few questions (long answer) with relation to the movie as well as the textbook/ class notes.

Link to the Movie is here- https://soap2day.to/MczoyMDoiMjg3MHx8NzQuMTAzLjI0Mi4xNzkiOw.html


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Counseling Theory and Practice

March 31, 2021

Professor Petrie

Movie Exam

The Sixth Sense

1. Why was Vincent (the person who shot Malcolm) in his underwear when he shot Malcolm? Couldn’t he have shot Malcolm wearing his clothes? Write a narrative about Vincent as if you were presenting his case as his therapist to get advice from another colleague. Please include Vincents age, family history, background, and information about why he is seeking therapy from you. Please connect your answers to the chapter on the intake session and other foundational steps before counseling a patient.

2. What type (s) of therapeutic counseling theories have you explored in class thus far that you detect Malcolm using with Cole? Please back up your answers with examples and characteristics of theories/therapies you are referencing.

3. Paint a profile of Cole’s mother, Lynn. What would you identify as her worries and what type(s) of therapy do you believe would be insightful for her to gain comfort. control and clarity in her life. Please back up your responses with examples, terminology from our text, lectures and pp presentations, and theories/therapies explored thus far to provide a detailed overview.

4. In what way(s) do you think Malcolm was unable to help his former patient, Vincent? How did that motivate him to work tirelessly to help his patient, Cole? Please be specific in your answer citing examples and terminology from class materials. Please label and identify characteristics of theories and their meanings we have explored in class thus far.

5. Think back to the scene where Kyra gave Cole a videotape of her mother poisoning her. Kyra’s cause of death? Munchausen syndrome by proxy. If you were to take on the case of Kyra’s mother as her therapist, what would you write as a narrative of her as well as the theories/therapies you might use when working with her mother and why. Please give specific examples and dig down deep.

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