Discussion Questions 1


Discussion Item 1-1. Write a brief statement describing an IT acquisition by an organization about which you have knowledge. State whether the organization believes the acquisition met its objectives (e.g., improved the performance of the organization). State why you believe the acquisition was successful, unsuccessful, or partially successful and the principal reasons for this result.

Discussion Question 1-2. In your judgment, what is the most challenging aspect of identifying a performance gap and developing a tentative acquisition strategy? Explain your reasons and how this aspect might be improved.

Discussion Question 1-3. The CMMI-ACQ document, in the Causal Analysis and Resolution section, discusses root causes. Sometimes symptoms are confused with root causes. What do you believe is the best way to distinguish a symptom of a problem from the root cause of a problem? 1S GSAM-chap7.pdf 1S CMMI-ACQ, v.1.2-Nov’07.pdf 

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