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Diversity and Social and Economic Justice


Diversity and Social and Economic Justice

Diversity and Social and Economic Justice

· Part F: Diversity and Social and Economic Justice—

· Identify issues of diversity that impact practice with this client system, especially within the particular environmental/organizational context of your agency. This may include collecting demographic information from your agency to identify the diversity (e.g., racial, economic, etc.) of the population that they serve compared to the staffing diversity.

· Describe your work as a practitioner to be self-aware and conscientious in your practice of cultural competence. Examine your efforts of advocacy for the client system. Review the 10 NASW standards for cultural competence and compare how your work with this client system lines up with some of these and if not how you could have prepared in advance to serve them in a more culturally competent manner.


· Part G: Practice Behaviors

· Describe and analyze your specific skills used for: engagementassessmentintervention, and evaluation of your practice with this client system. Justify your use any interventions chosen. Describe closure with this client system.

· Part H: Self-Awareness/Professional Use of Self—

· How would you approach this case differently if you were beginning again?

· What did you learn about yourself as a practitioner?

· How did you utilize your sense of creativity and flexibility during work with this client system?

· How did your own personality impact your work with this client system?

· If you used any self -disclosure with your client system, explain why you chose to do this and how it was beneficial for them.

· How did you use supervision and consultation and what was your experience in relation to supervision?

· What self-care measures have you employed in your practicum experience (and with this client, if necessary)?

· What personal values were challenged, if at all, during your work with this client system?

· How has religious faith/spirituality had an impact on your practice?

Describe how you envision yourself as a leader in relation to this client system and for your future as a practitioner?

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