do not use any other sources you may only use my sources and finish this 7 pages paper

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Formatting Requirements: All essays must be in 12 point Times or Times New Roman font, double spaced, with one inch margins. Name, class information, and title blocks on the first page must be single spaced. Headers and footers on subsequent pages must be no more than one line.Citations and Works Cited: Use parenthetical citations including lecture date or page number as is appropriate (Magagna Lecture DATE; Yao 2002 at 14). Works cited pages are not necessary unless citing material other than lectures or books listed in the syllabus’s required reading section.Length: Essays shall be no longer than 7 pages. We will stop reading at the 7th page. There is no official minimum length. We do grade, however, on your ability to sustain arguments about complicated topics about which whole books are written so you should really not be surprised if your essay that ends with one word on the sixth page gets positively destroyed by the graders as showing insufficient argument or detail.Topics: Please choose one of the following topics.Compare and contrast western and East Asian systems of law and justiceexplain Confucian moral theory a practice explain the five constant virtues and the concept of renexplain Confucian political economy and its lasting legaciesexplain Confucian lawexplain Confucian ritual theoryexplain the characteristics of modernity and apply them to Confucian East AsiaGood luck

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do not use any other sources you may only use my sources and finish this 7 pages paper

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