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DOC/714S Event Synthesis: Brookfield four lenses


Read the article Critically Reflective Practice located in the (attached document) and locate a minimum of 1 additional article.

Identify an event; one that has occurred in society or one that has occurred in your professional field

Write a 500- to 700-word synthesized discussion on your chosen event and how the event could be perceived from each of Brookfield’s four lenses

Format your paper to APA standards, using the attached template.

Include a title page, citations, and reference page.

Review the attached rubric to learn of assignment criteria

Studypool writer. For this assignment you must choose and event which happened in business or society. I was going to choose the merger or Sprint and T-mobile but I was not sure how to relate them to the Brookfield lenses. You may choose any event which you feel will make this assignment best for your job.

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