• Address the following in 3–4 pages:
    • Pick 3 drugs that were legal from 1865 until some point in the 20th century, and answer the following questions:
      • What types of drugs were legal, and how were they used in society? 
      • Where could they obtain these drugs? Explain.
      • Why would they utilize these drugs? Explain.
    • Pick 3 illegal substances that are considered popular among drug users within the United States, and answer the following questions for each drug:
      • Why do people use this drug? Explain.
      • How widespread is the use of this drug? Explain.
      • What types of demographics or populations are most likely to use this drug?
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.


  • Address the following in 5–6 paragraphs:
    • What type of drug do you think he is using? Explain why.
      • Where would he be able to obtain this drug? Explain.
      • Why do you think he began using this drug? Explain.
    • How would you react when he comes home from school? Why?
      • What positive impacts or repercussions might your reactions have on his future drug use?
    • What would you do to help alleviate this problem? Explain.
      • What would you do to alleviate the community problem of youth drug use and abuse? Explain.

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