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Dscribe a research that already have been done 2-3 pages


MOST IMPORTANT TO WRITE BAOUT IS EXPLAIN WHY they choose the method as well as explain how data was collected.

The project is about Fast Fashion we done a survey to answer this question: Is the consumer receiving any value through fast fashion?
Our hypothesis: While fast fashion is a popular and affordable way to shop, it could be argued that consumers receive such poor-quality clothing that they are receiving no value at all, and thus turns clothing from a durable to a non-durable good.

  • Done through Qualtrics 16 questions (Look at the attachment)
  • Aimed for people ages 18-25
  • Experiment was to include 50 participants
  • got 31 response
  • Goal was to discover underlying attitudes and motivations of the fast fashion consumer

1) Explain why be pick SURVEY method.
2) explain how data was collected in full detailed.
ANSWER: we done a survey through QUALTRICS
3) Explain how each question is helpful to answer our goal Question
4) It is VERY important to mention Marketing concepts related to the research such as qualitative and/or quantitative methods YOU SHOULD UNDERLINE ANY CONCEPTS YOU USED.

Information you should know and mention
“The study will be conducted with two different Qualtrics’s surveys; a control group and an ‘informed’ group. Surveys will include demographic questions and consumer attitude questions. The control group will be not given any prior information, the informed group however will read a short paragraph beforehand defining fast fashion and providing unbiased facts and statistics. Using scales such as the Likert scale will give an in depth look at the underlying attitudes and motivations of both the control and informed groups. The studies will only take about 5-10 minutes to complete as we’ll want to keep survey takers” engaged and motivated to complete the entire study. “

“In order to determine a fair and randomized way for the surveys to be assigned, there will be a predetermined list of ten people each individual researcher will be surveying (50 people total). Using a random team generator (https://www.randomlists.com/team-generator), five will be randomly assigned the control survey and the other five will be given the informed survey. For the survey breakdown as a whole, there will be 25 in the control survey and 25 in the informed survey. “

Design and Procedure “This study’s procedure is to help the understanding and perceive the consumer behavior towards fast fashion. It is designed to understand a consumer’s willingness to change buying habits, consumer’s attitudes towards the fast fashion industry, and the perception of personal motivations underlying current habits of the industry. The variables include individual self-identifying if they’re a fast fashion consumer, their political affiliation, income levels, gender, and age”

“The research team will begin with requesting individuals between the ages of 18 to 25 to participate in a custom survey. Each individual researcher will be responsible for compiling a list of ten individuals that will complete their survey. As a total, the research group will have 50 survey results. The volunteers will be separated into two groups and both groups will take the exact same survey. The first group will be the “informed” group where information and statistics about the fast fashion industry will be presented to them before taking the survey. The other group will be the control group and given the survey without any prior information about fast fashion. By having two separate groups take the same survey, the researchers will be able to observe the impact of how knowledge affects the motivations and attitudes towards consumer patterns and fast fashion. Through the results, a more defined and effective solution will be determined. “

ASK ME ANY THING YOU ARE NOT SURE ABOUT this worth a lot of my grade, Thanks.

I attached the survey question make sure to list them with explanation of the purpose of each question to answer the QUESTTION, Is the consumer receiving any value through fast fashion?

***** AFTER and ONlY after you talk in detailes about Students should example WHY they choose the method as well as explain how data was collected. then talk about the question and who they help us get the answer for the question. *****

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