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  • Due: June 5, 1.00pm Word limit: 1000 words Assignment description: This assignme

Due: June 5, 1.00pm Word limit: 1000 words Assignment description: This assignme



Due: June 5, 1.00pmWord limit: 1000 wordsAssignment description:This assignment requires you to propose a specific topic for your final research paper that explores a topic in civic engagement in urban politics. Your proposed topic must include a case study in urban civic engagement that clearly relates to the themes and topics of the course. This will give you the opportunity to develop your knowledge of a specific theme from the course and apply it to a case study in urban politics.In the paper proposal, you are required to:1.Propose a specific topic for your final research paper.2.Develop a research question that relates to your topic.3.Identify three secondary, scholarly sources that relate to your proposed topic and that arefrom outside the course syllabus. You must identify their main argument and focus anddiscuss how they relate to your topic and question.4.Identify two primary sources, explain their context (Who produced it? Why was itproduced? What kind of document is it?), and how they relate to your topic.Assignment structure:1.State your proposed topic in one sentence.2.State your research question.3.In the form of an annotated bibliography:a.Discuss the three secondary, scholarly sources (150-200 words approx. for eachsource)b.Discuss the two primary source (150-200 words approx. for each source.)Good paper proposals will:•Have a specific topic.•Include a specific research question that is answerable.•Engage succinctly with the key points from the sources.•Not be overly descriptive.•Engage thoughtfully with the sources.•Demonstrate an understanding of course concepts and themes.•Be coherently and clearly written, with few grammatical errors.•Follow the assignment’s technical requirementsTechnical requirements:• Secondary and primary sources must be drawn from outside the syllabus.• You may draw on other sources from the syllabus to support your discussion. However, your focus should on be on the sources you have identified for the assignment.• Papers must be fully referenced using the APA style and include a reference list. More information on this reference style will be posted on Quercus.• The word count for the paper is 1000 words, excluding citations and the bibliography. You may write 10% more or 10% less than this. However, papers substantially above or below the word count will be penalized.• Papers should use 12pt font and be double spaced.• Papers must be submitted by 1.00pm on June 5. Late papers will incur a 3% penalty for every day late. Weekends count as one day.• If the primary source is an image, please include it in your assignment

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