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Due today….. 2 hours……. 1 paragraph



due in 2 hours….. 1 paragraph only  I am writing a hip hop dance history paper and need a thesis statement 1 paragraph.  This particular assignment is asking for your term paper thesis statement. This should be a one to two paragraph statement that describes what your are going to be writing about and how you are going to ultimately “defend” your argument. For example your thesis may be that Michael Jackson is the greatest dancer of all time. And you are going to then prove it by showing his early emulation of James Brown when he was learning his craft as a member of the Jackson 5. Or perhaps you want to show argue that the term ‘contemporary dance’ relates more to the theatrical dance styles of ballet, jazz and modern dance rather than the social dance styles of street dance and Latin dance.  You would then be comparing the theatrical dance styles vs. the social dance styles through the platform of reality television dance shows such as “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing with the Stars”.  Don’t forget that the thesis statement starts as a topic (of dance in this case) and ultimately you must argue (and defend) your thesis statement through your term paper.  

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