Economic Methodology


Write your methodology section. This will include (and you will be graded on)

1. Exactly what method you are using to test your question. If you are not using econometrics, this will include what types of graphs/data you will look at/display and how in order to support your thesis. Additionally, it will include your proposed or finished modelling of your topic.What I’m wanting to see here is the economic model (graph, consumer’s problem, etc) that your topic is best modelled by. For example, if you’re writing a non-econometric paper on how the Corona virus is going to destroy our economy, you may diplay an aggregate supply and demand graph from macroeconomics and discuss why the aggregate demand curve is shifting down and what effect that should have on prices, quantity, and overall, welfare.

2. Laying out your predictions if you’re doing an econometric analysis or what the model says should happen. If you’re estimating an OLS equation investigating the corona virus’s effect on unemployment of wage-hour workers, you may state here that you expect the coefficient on the CA lockdown dummy (1 if on lockdown 0 otherwise) to be positive (meaning more unemployement). If you’re using the aggregate supply and demand model to asses the situation, you would work through all the changes in the economy and explain them like a textbook would without plagiarising the textbook.

In my research paper, you just need to help me design some graphs to support my research ideas. You do not need to do the test. I am not using economethrics. Those 2 attachment will help you with this, so please read it

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