Economic Paper


In this assignment, you’ll read the other 4 papers and write up a brief critique for each. The paper should be formatted as follows:

Section 1 – Critique the Idea (2-4 paragraphs): Critique the idea itself, particularly as it relates to economics. Make sure to talk about the author’s plans for their work. Does it seem feasible? Well-thought out? Do the plans even exist at this point?

Section 2 – Offer insight and constructive feedback (as many paragraphs as it takes): Offer any other critiques: grammar, writing style, etc. Offer suggestions if you have knowledge on the subject. Be polite but don’t hold back here. It’s better they hear it from you than me or a future employer. This is how we grow as writers and economists.

Writhing Note,I’m not grading on length, just completeness. Be brief and say only what is necessary.

The entire critique may be at least 2 pages,Time New Roman,Double Spaces ,12 point

Use Simple Sentences

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