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DQ 2


In the TedTalk, Daphne Koller: What We’re Learning From Online Education, Daphne Koller quotes Tom Friedman’s statement “Big breakthroughs happen when it is suddenly possible meets when it is desperately necessary.”  After watching the Ted Talk, think about how data-driven decision making places focused attention on using a range of information to meet the needs of students and to guide instructional decisions.  Do you think such a focus removes the human aspect of teaching and connecting with students on a personal level?  On other hand, can we learn more about each other in a world in which data drives decisions to improve all aspects of life, including teaching and learning?  Describe how you see the role of technology and data in enhancing and/or detracting from students being able to achieve their potential?

In your post, please address/include the following:


  1. A critique of this quote: Big breakthroughs happen when it is suddenly possible meets when it is desperately necessary.  Is Koller right about this, or is this just a glib, empty statement?  Support your ideas with examples.
  2. An analysis of the differences between online and traditional learning.  Which is more effective? Under what conditions? 
  3. What do the words data and technology mean in the context online education?
  4. How can an online instructor make the teaching and learning experience more human and personal?


Be sure to include examples to illustrate and support your ideas.

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