El Nino Exercise


El Nino Exercise

Answer the following questions regarding El Nino.Use the provided videos, your textbook, and the NOAA El Nino website to help find your answers.You may use other resources as well as long as they are cited in your answer.

50 Points total

Videos and Links:

NOAA El Nino Page:


NOAA Climate.gov Video on Understanding El Nino:


NASA El Nino Satellite Watch Data:


1.What is El Nino? Explain. (5 points)

2.Name five impacts on weather caused by El Nino (could be local or global). (5 points)

3.What does the latest NOAA El Nino Advisory summary tell us?What date was this advisory issued? (5 points)

4.Look at the page linked to NASA’s latest satellite data on El Nino. The data is based on sea surface heights. Read through the page and explain why higher sea surface heights are representative of warmer temperatures. (5 points)

5. What is La Nina? Explain (5 points)

6. What is meant by ENSO Neutral? (5 points)

7.What are typical El Nino winter weather conditions for the State of Florida? (5 points)

8.How extensive was the El Nino in the year 1997? (5 points )

9.When was the last period of La Nina? (5 points)

10.How do you think El Nino affects the world’s fisheries on the west coast of North and South America? (5 points)

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