Electrical Engineering Question


1. this exam will be a timed exam for 75mins

2. This assignment will provided at 8am pacific time

3. more examples will be provided once a tutor has been chosen

ex. The primary of an ideal transformer with a turns ratio of 5 is connected to a voltage source with Thevenin parameters vTh

= 10 cos 2000t V andRTh= 100 Ω. Determine the average power delivered to a 200-Ω load connected across the secondary winding.

ex. Given the circuit shown in fig.1 determine the value of V1 and I2.


ex. For the circuit in Fig. 2, find H(s) = Vo(s)/Vs(s).


4. Someone has to be familiar with circuit analysis 2 to be able to answer these questions

5. it is only 3 questions

5. all questions about circuit analysis 2

6. Chapters: 8,11,12, 13,14 from text Alexander and Sadiku, “Fundamentals of Electric Circuits,” 6th

7. must provide me with answers to at least 2 of those examples above after chosen

8. MUST be very familiar with these type of questions.

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