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Human Resources:

1- Chief/ Director – Oversees all aspects within Frontline EMS. Will have at least 10 years of experience as an officer in EMS as well as knowledge on EMS principles, laws, techniques and regulations within the company and jurisdiction. He/She will have excellent public speaking skills and will possess effective communication skills. Will have at minimum a bachelor’s degree in an Emergency Health Services field and must be a paramedic.

2- Records Office – In charge of keeping all records of employees, patients, equipment, education, certifications & certificates, building information and fleet documents.

3- Communications Officer – Keeps in contact with 911 dispatch center of Emergency.

4- Public Safety Officer – In charge of personnel who respond to homes of super users as well as various places such as nursing homes, group homes and shelters.These personnel are in charge of providing medical care to those in these places so that they can cut down the amount of people in the emergency room. He/She will conduct post-hospital follow up care, report to physicians about the patient’s status, and provide education on what a true emergency is and when to call 911.

5- Public Information Officer – Speaks with media personnel when they arrive on scene. Will be the first person in contact during a mass causality incident and multi-alarm fire for media personnel.

6- Recruitment & Retention Officer – In charge of hiring new individuals to staff all units of Frontline EMS as well as keeping the individuals with the company for as long as possible.

7- Billing Supervisor – Keeps in contact with Billing company.

8- Maintenance supervisor.

9- Training Supervisor – In charge of training all prospective employees to the Frontline EMS standards. He or she will possess instructorship in every certification needed to function here at Frontline EMS, for example Blood Borne Pathogens, CPR, EMT, IV Tech, Paramedic, ACLS, PALS, ITLS and much more.

10- Attorney, or legal officer. Frontline EMS will have an attorney on retainer in case any court cases arise during the

contracted term. He or she will be available to assist at any time when an issue comes about. The

attorney’s estimated salary per year is $150,000.

11 – Medical Director: The Medical Director will be actively involved in the everyday functioning of Frontline EMS with daily visits to the office as well as assisting in the QA of reports. His or Her estimated salary is $200,00 per year.

12- Hiring Process

– Must be at least 18 years of age

– Must possess a National Registry EMT license or higher

– Be a United States citizen at the time of the application process

– Must possess a current valid motor vehicle operator’s license

– Must possess a high school diploma or a certificate of equivalency (GED) issued by a recognized department of education

– Must be of high moral character and committed to public service

– Written Examination – Prospective employees will go through a 100 question written examination that will encompasses multiple questions regarding reading comprehension, mathematics, driving laws and national EMS protocols.

– Physical Test – The physical test will be that of the CPAT test.

– Interview – After both the written examination and the CPAT test are passed by the prospective employee, he/she will go through an interview with the chief of the department, the training supervisor, as well as an EMS supervisor. The candidate will be asked multiple questions in which they will explain their strengths and weaknesses, why they want to be a part of Frontline EMS and will be asked scenario based questions.

– Medical Clearance – The candidates must pass a medical clearance and physical with a doctor signature stating that the individual is able to perform daily career duties within Frontline EMS.

– Background Check – The prospective employee will then go through a background check to check if he/she has a criminal background. If so, the prospective candidate will not proceed any further in the hiring process.

– Drug Test – All candidates will take a drug test to confirm that they do not use any recreational illegal substances that would hinder them from performing daily career duties.

– Uniforms – Once offered a position, the employee will be fitted for uniforms which will consist of a polo with logo, pants, jacket, tactical steel toe boots, company patch, and a name plate.

– Training – Employees will then begin a 4 week training in which they will receive EMS refreshers, scenarios to test skills, protocol tests and continue to work on fitness.

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