Employment Strategy


Select a company that has violated an HR law.

Imagine that you are a HR manager within that organization. You have been tasked with developing a training to help prevent future violations of the HR law.

Compile research and information to include in your training.

Address the following in 700 to 850 words from your research:

  • Summarize the situation.
  • Discuss the law’s requirements. Include information regarding what the law does, how it is executed, and the execution gaps of your selected organization.
  • Recommend steps that organizational leadership should take in order to avoid challenges such as this one from happening in the future.

Cite your outside sources with APA formatting.


Jennifer Britton

Respond to the following in a minimum of 100 words:

HR Management is in charge of aligning the organizational strategy with the organizations strategic strategies in order to improve overall performance. Some of the advantages are

HR policies- to replace outdated policies, promote better environment for the employees, align with the organizations strategic plan.

Team building- making sure the right people are in the right position

Monitors- progress of everyone to ensure they are in align with the organizations strategic strategy

Keeps things legal – making sure that the organization and individuals are keeping things legal to laws.

Disadvantages in HR management is hiring and firing, employee relations,

There should be individual strategies and arching strategies. With the individual strategies specific HR personnel can work on specific areas of Human resource management. A disadvantage to this is not knowing what the other members have already implemented. Having an overarching plan can better align with the organizations strategic goals. A disadvantage to this would be that all members on the HR team must have frequent meetings in order to keep everything aligned and could cost more money in time. Having both individuals can set the goals and work load that help align and meet less often with other HR members to report out to ensure everyone and everything is on track with the organizations strategic plan.

Milquiades Walther-rodriguez

Respond to the following in a minimum of 100 words:

The human resources department is an integral part of an organization’s success. When the strategy of HR is aligned with the overall strategy of an organization, it can have great short-term benefits. The new hire will be in the same wave length with what the present strategy, but the organization may suffer in the long term. As with many market strategies, they tend to shift. Employees hired before the market shift may not be the same an organization would want to hire after the shift.

As an HR department, strategies may fluctuate themselves based on the present market. An overarching strategy or a departmental strategy both have advantages and disadvantages based on the man power, profit and current direction of the company. If the organization has fewer people, they may want to diversify the hiring which may not suite well with an overarching strategy. On the other hand, if a smaller company wants to focus on their bottom line by becoming more customer friendly then a strategic approach may be more suited.

Ultimately, there are many factors that attribute to a success human resources depart but it is important to consider each based on the active market.

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